Make a 2 yard pass and follow the ball (U7 game)


Make a 2 yard pass and follow the ball


“Look where the pass is going” • “Use the inside of the foot” • “Run after the pass”

Place sets of three cones 2 yards apart with a player on each cone.

The game is continuous. When you say “go”, the first player passes to the second player and runs after his pass. The second player then turns, passes to the third player and follows his pass.

When the final player gets the ball he should pick it up and run around to the beginning and start the passing over again.

Call to the players to “look at the player” they are going to pass to, then look at the ball, then pass. Call for them to “run after the pass”.

Make sure players are trying to use the inside of the foot rather than whack it with their toes. Call for them to “use the inside of the foot”.

How many players do I need?

This game works best in groups of three players.

Game play

Concentrate on players using the side of the foot.
Work on accuracy before speed.
Picking up the ball and getting quickly to the beginning is vital.

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