Make a slide tackle (U10-11 game)


Make a slide tackle


“Get in range before you slide” • “Slide on your hip” • “Hook the ball with your foot” • “Get back on your feet quickly”

Set up a 30 x 15 yards area with a 5-yard central zone and two 10 x 5 yards crossing alleys on the wings of one half of the pitch.

You need 10 players split into five pairs. One pair works as crossers and go into the two crossing alleys. Two pairs are defenders and start in either half of the pitch. One pair starts in the central zone as attackers. The last pair are the goalkeepers.

To start, you pass a ball to the central team who attack the goal of their choice. If they choose the bottom half of the pitch, they have a straight 2v2 battle with the defenders. If they choose to attack the top half of the pitch, they must combine with the crossers to try to score.

If the central team loses the ball, the defending team then attacks the opposite goal - using the wingers if appropriate. Award a point if the defending team wins the ball using a slide tackle.

When one crosser is about to cross, the other crosser can come out of the alley and try to help the team score.

How many players do I need?

This uses 10 players in the game, split into five pairs.

Game play

Look for the best time to tackle.
Give extra points for good tackles. Pressing play will create chances to get tackles in.

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