Make a slide tackle (U10 activity)


Make a slide tackle


“Get in range before you slide” • “Slide on your hip” • “Hook the ball with your foot” • “Get back on your feet quickly”

Set players up in pairs with a ball between them and two cones that are 10 yards apart. One player passes to the other then tries a tackle to win the ball back.

The tackler must get on his feet quickly whether the tackle is successful or not.

Get in range.

Slide on the ground to win the ball, approaching from the side and tackling across the path of the opponent

Tuck the leg nearest the ball underneath the backside and slide on the outer thigh/hip area

Tackle with leg outstretched

Trap the ball on the shoelaces and swing the leg around in a wide sweep to “hook” the ball with the foot, pulling it towards the direction the tackler came from.

How many players do I need?

Players work in pairs.

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