Move and block (U13-14 activity)


Move and block


“Be aware” • “Keep your eyes on the ball” • “React quickly to the shot” • “Be in a crouching position to move across the goals quickly”

Set up two target goals side by side angled slightly away from the goalkeeper in the centre of the two goals. Place two cones 5 yards from the goals with a player or mannequin standing as a shield at the cones.

The striker hides behind the shield with some balls. On your call the striker goes left or right and tries to score with one shot. The keeper must react to this movement and smother any attempt to score from close range.

The goalkeeper is defending two goals so must crouch low with bent knees ready to shuffle across either way and spring at the striker’s feet.

Make sure the striker doesn’t follow up as play is close to the keeper and he may get hurt. Do this for six attacks – three each side – then swap all three players around.

Goalkeepers must be able to move quickly, close to the ground and have arms and legs outstretched to cover any shots.

Play for 5 minutes then have the players swap roles.

How many players do I need?

We used two players a goalkeeper and striker.

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