One-two, pass and shoot (U9 game)


One-two, pass and shoot


“Pass and move to support” • “Make the second pass easy” • “Watch the covering defender”

Set up an area 10 x 10 yards with a cone at one end, a goal at the other and a cone on each side at the half way point. Put a player on each of the cones and a player in the goal.

The player on the first cone starts with the ball. He dribbles into the area and has to choose one of the side players to pass to – the one he passes to then helps him in a 2v1 situation to goal.

The player picked to be part of the attacking pair must react quickly and move (dribble or pass) into an attacking position supporting his team mate.

The player not picked becomes the lone defender and must try to make it difficult for the two attackers by pressing and generally holding up play.

The game finishes with a shot on goal or the defender knocking the ball out of play.

How many players do I need?

You need four players for this game.

Game play

Movement to support the ball.
Good passing and control.
Shooting when possible.

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