Age-related soccer coaching curriculum

U8 dribble 3 yards stop and pass game - part 1

Dribble 3 yards, stop and pass 3 yards (U8...

Players must concentrate on keeping the ball close. Watch for poor technique as the game puts pressure on the players. When the players get to the gate they should be able to stop the ball then pass accurately. MORE

U9 dribble the ball 5 yards and turn game - part 1

Dribble the ball 5 yards and turn (U9 game)

In this game when you say “go”, each dribbler aims to dribble his ball from the big square into one of the smaller squares. The three middle players must try to win the balls from the dribblers. MORE

U9-11 beat a player 1v1 game - part 1

Beat a player 1v1 (U9 game)

A great head to head battle, with the attacker aiming to use a skill, such as a feint or turn, to beat the defender and hit the target. MORE

U9-11 beat a player 1v1 activity - part 1

Beat a player 1v1 (U9 activity)

Start with two players facing each other over the middle cone. Make one the attacker and the other the defender. The attacker is the lead and must try to fool the defender and get to one of the cones first and knock the ball off – the defender must try to mirror the movement and get there first. MORE

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