Pass 10 yards to a team mate (U14 game)


Pass 10 yards to a team mate


“Look to where the pass is going” • “Use the inside or outside of your foot to pass” • “Use both feet to pass”

Set out a 30 x 20 yards square and mannequins (or poles) in the centre of each side 2 yards from the side of the area. Position six players in the area in positions marked 1-6.

The right-hand sequence begins at the bottom of the practice at point 1 – The midfielder [3] drops off the mannequin to receive on the half-turn. controls and passes to the full back [2].

The full-back [2] moves from deep to run outside the mannequin at 3 and make a one touch pass into the forward [4].

The forward [4] receives a pass and moves around the back of the mannequin and passes to the winger [5].

The winger[5] receives two-touch and feeds to his team mate [6] who has moved centrally who then spins “around the corner” and feeds back to the target man [1].

Keep the sequence going until players get used to it then switch positions so every player plays each position – then add a second ball so one ball starts at 1 and another starts at the same time at 2.

How many players do I need?

We used six players in this game.

Game play

Movement to receive the ball.
Receive with good first touch.
Good weight on the pass.

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