Pass 2 yards to a team mate and run past him (U8 activity)


Pass 2 yards to a team mate and run past him


“Look where the pass is going” • “Use the inside of the foot” • “Run past the receiver” • “Lend the ball to your team mate”

Set up a line of four cones, with the cone 2 yards apart. Put a player on each of cones 1 and 2, leaving cones 3 and 4 empty. Give a ball to the player on cone 1.

When you say “go”, the player on cone 1 passes the ball to the player on cone 2 then runs past him to the cone 3.

The second player receives the ball and turns to pass it to the player who has run past him. Then he runs past the player to cone 4.

Once the players have reached the last cone they start again the other way. Each pair can do three runs then rest.

You may find the players are slow to grasp the idea at first but once going they will enjoy this quick passing and moving activity. The repetition of passing, moving, turning and receiving is ideal for them at this age and you can use it as a warm-up for games.

How many players do I need?

Players work in pairs.

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