Pass 2 yards to a team mate and run past him (U8 game)


Pass 2 yards to a team mate and run past him


“Look where the pass is going” • “Use the inside of the foot” • “Run past the receiver” • “Lend the ball to your team mate”

Set up a 12 x 12 yards area with corner goals made from cones 2 yards wide. Split your players into a two teams of three players and one neutral player in a different coloured bib or shirt.

Play a normal game with the teams able to score into either of their opponents’ goals. Give praise when a player tries a one-two even if it doesn’t come off – the idea is to get players to pass, move and receive the ball back.

The neutral player adds overloads to the game. Make sure you explain the role of this player who is on the side of the team with the ball. He never tackles or blocks but he can score.

Having two goals encourages players to pass and move across the pitch, instead of going straight up and down.

One of the ways you can get players to pass and move is to ask them to lend the ball to a team mate but to then move to a position where the team mate can give the ball back. If the players do not understand the game, show them what you mean by getting them to do it with the ball in their hands.

How many players do I need?

Play this as a 3v3 game with a neutral player making seven players in total.

Game play

Tricky to start with but give the players a bit of time to understand their roles.
Passing and receiving technique.
Dribbling with the ball and scoring goals.

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