Pass 4 yards to a team mate (U10 game)


Pass 4 yards to a team mate


“Look to where the pass is going” • “Use the inside of the foot near the toe to lift the ball over the cones” • “Be accurate with both feet”

Place two cones 8 yards apart and place a 1 yard cone gate in the middle. Position two players, one with a ball, on one end cone, and one player on the other.

The first player dribbles the ball to the cone gate then stops, passes to the second player and moves to receive the ball back.

The first player then dribbles around behind the second player and back to the gate, where he passes to the second player and runs after the ball to the end cone.

The second player then dribbles the ball to the gate and repeats the process with the third player.

Continue the game until all players are back in their original positions.

Once players are used to the game, set up groups of three alongside each other and let them compete to see who finishes first.

How many players do I need?

Players work in threes.

Game play

Players concentrate on dribbling and accurate passing.
Quite a technical game but at the right level for this age.
Passing, dribbling and accuracy are the key elements.

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