Pass 8 yards to a team mate (U12 game)


Pass 8 yards to a team mate


“Look where the chipped pass is going” • “Use the inside of the foot near the toe to lift the ball” • “Be accurate with the chip” • “Keep control of the ball”

Mark out a 30 x 20 yards area with 5 yard squares at each end – the goal areas. Play 3v3 in the main area and put two players from each team in the goal areas.

Teams play 5v5, but to score a point the ball must be chipped by a player into the hands of a team mate in the goal area.

Opponents should try to press as normal to give the attacking team less time to chip.

Advance the game so there is both a goalkeeper and an attacker from the opposition in each of the boxes – The goalkeeper must catch the ball under pressure from the attacker, so the chip needs to be very accurate.

How many players do I need?

We used 10 players in this game.

Game play

Good catching technique.
Accurate chipping and good technique.
Look for match-like pressing.

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