Pass and react to the pass (U9 activity)


Pass and react to the pass


“Good first touch” • “Control the ball” • “Pass and move”

Set up a 7 x 7 yards square area with a cone on each corner. Stand a player on each corner.

Give a ball to one of the corner players and get him to pass to the player to his right and then follow the pass to the cone.

The player at the second cone must control, make a half turn and pass to his right and follow the pass.

This is a passing and moving square, so make sure players are taking a touch then making a crisp pass. You can change direction and get players passing with the other foot, although they may find this hard at first.

Keep the passing going until players are passing and moving at a quick pace and making few control errors.

You can also run the square with three players and get them to pass one way and move the other. This is quite hard for them to coordinate so give plenty of praise and time to get it right.

How many players do I need?

Players work in threes or fours.

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