Pass and react to the pass (U9 game)


Pass and react to the pass


“Good first touch” • “Control the ball” • “Pass and move”

Set up a 10 x 10 yards area with three coloured cones 3 yards apart at one end and a goal at the other. Put a player on each cone and give a ball to the player on the green cone.

When you say “go”, green passes into space for red to run on to. Red controls the ball then passes into space for yellow to run on to.

After making the first pass, green makes a run towards goal so that yellow can play a pass into his path to shoot at goal.

This is introducing young players to the idea of the third pass in a tactic sequence where the players continue to move and link up as they advance up the pitch. The idea is advanced but the actual execution of the idea is relatively simple to help players understand the tactic.

I suggest that you play without a goalkeeper as this is an unopposed work out to help with possession and movement. However, you could make it more difficult by adding your keeper and getting him to work on some of the goalkeeping activities in this manual.

How many players do I need?

You need three players for this game.

Game play

Movement to support the ball.
Good passing and control.
An end product with a shot.

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