Pass and receive over different distances (U13 activity)


Pass and receive over different distances


“Look where the pass is going” • “Use crisp, accurate passing” • “Know where the ball is” • “Anticipate the pass”

Set up a 15 x 25 yards area with a cone on three of the corners and two cones around halfway inside the area. Players stand on the cones like in the diagrams.

Player A passes to player B who passes it back to A, playing a quick one-two. A then passes to the working player who is already moving towards the cone in the centre.

The working player must anticipate the pass and move when player B passes back to player A.

With a first time pass, the working player passes across to C then returns to his cone. C passes back to A and the sequence begins again – players keep positions for 6 passes.

Advance it so that with every third pass player B must turn first time without passing back to A and pass into space for the working player to run on to – as a result, the working player must move quicker to get to the pass.

How many players do I need?

Use four players in the set up.

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