Pass and receive over different distances (U13 game)


Pass and receive over different distances


“Look where the pass is going” • “Use crisp, accurate passing” • “Know where the ball is” • “Anticipate the pass”

Set up a 20 x 20 yards area with a smaller 6 yard square in the centre marked by four cones. Split players into pairs and position them as shown. Give each pair a ball.

To start the game, the outside players pass to the player in the centre who comes to the ball, receives and passes back.

After the pass, the centre players move quickly to the next cone.

Now the cones are removed and players play a one–two with an outside player when it is clear to do so – Each player has a ball and must look to see when an outside player is “open” for a pass.

Finally, the area is made smaller and the centre players must go in pairs to pass and move between the four outside players.

How many players do I need?

You need eight players in this game.

Game play

When and where to pass.
Accurate passing.
Good first touch.

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