Pass to a team mate using both feet (U9 game)


Pass to a team mate using both feet


“Look to where the pass is going” • “Use the inside of the foot or the laces” • “Use the outside foot on each pass”

Set up several areas, each one no bigger than 10 x 10 yards. Make the areas different shapes such as diamonds, triangles etc. Put three players and a ball in each area.

When you say “go”, players work within one shape for 1 minute, playing the ball with both feet in a left-right passing combination. You want the players to move around so tell them no standing and no walking.

Players should be thinking about the shape and where they can move to make it easiest to keep the passing going. They also need to think about left- and right-foot passing and where they receive the ball.

After playing for 1 minute, each group should move on to the next shape and continue for another minute. Carry on until each group has played in every shape.

Get the players to count the number of passes they make in each shape. Keep a tally of the number for each team and at the end the team with the most passes wins.

How many players do I need?

Players work in threes.

Game play

Movement is essential so players develop their passing.
Fun element is the number of passes and the winning/losing scenario.

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