Passing and support play (U10 activity)


Passing and support play


“One or two touch only” • “Call for the ball” • “Good first touch” • “Accuracy important” • “Move to the pass”

Place two cones 18 yards apart. Put a player on each cone, facing one another. Put a 2 yard gate at half way, between the two players. You also need two servers in each half of the area on the right hand side.

Play starts with the first player passing to the nearest server who returns the ball for him to run on to. He then dribbles to the gate and passes to the player at the top of the area then returns to his start position.

The player at the top of the area then repeats the sequence in the opposite direction – he passes to the server in his half of the area and receives the ball back, then dribbles through the gate and passes to the player at the other end.

Here you want to see good, quick combination play as players move up and down the area. Make sure you change players regularly so the two moving players swap with the stationary players.

This is all about passing and moving to support all over the pitch. Players need to be able to do this at speed during attacking moves.

Once players understand the activity, get them to come up with different ways they could pass and move involving passing long and short.

How many players do I need?

We used four players in this activity.

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