Penalty kick (U7-U14 game)


Penalty kick


“Understand the ball is kicked from a static position” • “Understand one player takes the kick” • “Kick the ball forwards” • “Only kick the ball once”

Players take it in turns to take a penalty kick at goal. They get two chances to score. If they score one of the two they go into the next round. Miss both and they are out of the competition.

You will have to judge this so that players get a fair number of chances to shoot at goal. You can let them “take it again” if they slip or mis-kick.

The winner is the one left when everyone else is out. Be prepared for this to happen fairly quickly when you first run it.

Make sure the same player doesn’t stay in goal for the whole tournament – a good way to do it is to get the players who have missed shots to go in goal. They are usually determined to stop anyone else scoring!

How many players do I need?

Get all your players to have a go.

Game play

Accuracy above power.
Every player takes one.
React to a rebound.

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