Penetrate the final third (U13 activity)


Penetrate the final third


“Accuracy is important” • “Good first touch” • “Look where you are passing” • “Move to receive the pass”

Use half of your full pitch. You need three players – one starting near the halfway line (A) and two others (B and C) further into the half on either side of player A.

The session starts with A passing the ball to either B or C and running around the outside of that player – this is a “thirdman run”.

The receiving player passes to the other player first time and then runs around the back of the player.

After a minimum of three passes, the player with the ball crosses to the far post where the other players are making an attacking run.

This is a constant pass and run to get around the outside of the player with the ball. A great way to warm up before a match.

How many players do I need?

Each set up uses four players.

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