Picking up the ball (U7-U12 activity)


Picking up the ball


“Bend down on one knee” • “Put your body behind the ball” • “Pick up and clutch to your chest”

Stand two players with a ball 5 yards apart – you can use cones to mark out the distance. Players alternate between being kicker and goalkeeper.

The kicking player hits a firm pass to the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper must get down to stop and pick up the ball in the correct sequence (see below).

The goalkeeper must put a barrier, made with his legs, behind the ball, so that if he misses the ball with his hands it doesn’t go into the goal.

This is quite hard for goalkeepers in this age group because it requires confidence to stop the ball and pick it up. When in a crowd of players it is difficult to judge when to pick the ball up.



How many players do I need?

Players work in pairs.

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