Practise on your own (U13-14 activity)


Practise on your own


“Jump as high as you can” • “Kick your backside with your heels” • “Head forward but keep tight hold of the ball”

Your players must head the ball while holding it in their hands. It helps to develop the all important hanging effect so they have time and height for a good header. It also develops their timing.

Line your players up, tell them to hold the ball in front of them and get them to shout “JUMP”.

Players should bring their heels up to their backside and bring the ball upwards towards their foreheads in their hands and attempt to head it at the same time.

After heading the ball, players should turn their shoulders and hips so that they are back in line with the ball and then race away.

How many players do I need?

Players work their own

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