Press the ball (U9 game)


Press the ball


“Press the player on the ball” • “Cover passing options” • “Anticipate the pass”

Set up a 20 x 15 yards area with a goal at each end and a half way line.

Play 3v3 plus goalkeepers. The game is played as normal but there is a twist to it – all players on the attacking team (except the goalie) must be in the opposition half of the pitch for a goal to count.

The twist to the rules means that all the players push into one half, so if there is a transition the team that lost the ball must press quickly or they will be caught out on the counter-attack.

This is a fast game so players must concentrate or they will lose their bearings. Make sure you call out to any players who are not moving between the halves quickly enough.

In the 3v3, players can create space by spreading out and moving the ball quickly to get behind the opposition defence.

How many players do I need?

This game uses eight players.

Game play

Quick reactions to transition.
Press high up the pitch.
Support the pressing player.

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