Pressing the player with the ball (U7 activity)


Pressing the player with the ball


“Run towards the player with the ball” • “Try to block the route to goal”

Place two cones 3 yards apart. Put one player on the first cone, with a ball, and one or two players on the second cone.

When you say “go”, the first player passes the ball across to the player on the other cone.

After passing the ball, the first player runs forward to press. At the same time, the receiver brings the ball forward and tries to get past to the opposite cone.

The art of pressing at this age is more about body position to stop the player advancing to goal. The aim is to stop your players jumping in and missing the ball and letting the player get past. They should use their bodies to sit off the player and try to force a mistake.

Once the ball has been lost or the dribbling player has managed to get to the other side then play starts again from the same end.

How many players do I need?

Players work in twos or threes – you can decide based on the number of players in your squad and the space available.

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