Pressing the player with the ball (U8 activity)


Pressing the player with the ball


“Run towards the player with the ball” • “Try to get the ball” • “Stay between the ball and your goal”

Set up a 10 x 10 yards area with one goal. Put a pair of attackers directly opposite the goal about 8 yards away and a pair of defenders on halfway, 1 yard in from the touchline.

When you say “go”, the defender passes across to the attacker who must dribble the ball towards goal with the aim of scoring a goal.

After passing, the defender goes to press the attacker and try to force him away from goal and win the ball.

The focus will be the ball for both players – tell the defenders not to try to tackle but get their body between the attacker and the goal.

Once the first pair have completed the activity, the second pair can go. Rotate players so that they all get a chance to defend and attack.

This is a classic pressing activity, with passing and pressing the vital skill the players will use right through their training years.

How many players do I need?

We used five players for this activity – two attackers, two defenders and a goalkeeper – but you can line up more players behind each cone.

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