Pressing the player with the ball (U8 game)


Pressing the player with the ball


“Run towards the player with the ball” • “Try to get the ball” • “Stay between the ball and your goal”

Set up a 15 x 10 yards area with a goal and goalkeeper at one end.

Set your players up so you have a defensive four in front of the keeper. (This would be your defensive set up in a 5v5 game with an attacker, two midfielders and a defender.)

Put three attackers on the touchline opposite the goal. Give each of the three attackers a ball and get them to start at the far end and attack the formation – you can get them to go all at once or one at a time.

During a competitive 5v5 match, the defending team would drop and make this kind of formation to keep attacking teams at bay. It is a great way to practise match day formations when the opposition has the ball.

Once you have played this a few times, try it with one ball and the attackers linking up to attack the goal

How many players do I need?

We used eight players in the game with three attackers, four defenders and a goalkeeper.

Game play

Look for good shape.
Get players to shoot early.
Praise quick pressing and any players winning the ball.

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