Receive and control the ball (3 yards) (U8 game)


Receive and control the ball (3 yards)


“Call for the ball” • “Keep your eyes on the ball” • “Use the inside of the foot to cushion and stop the ball”

Set out a “race track” by marking out a 1 x 1 yard square of cones and placing a single cone 5 yards away, then repeat the set up about two yards away so that the race tracks run parallel to each other.

Put a team of three players behind each of the single cones and give each team a ball.

The players must sprint to the square, receive a pass, control the ball and pass it back, then sprint back to the starting cone.

The winning team is the one that gets all three balls to the square and back first.

If the ball does not get stopped in the square it goes back to the passer and gets passed again.

How many players do I need?

This is a race to receive and pass back each of the three balls – I used six players in the game.

Game play

Players should try and play as quickly as possible.
Watch for poor technique as the game puts pressure on the players.
Lots of agility and technique in this game.

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