Receive, control and stop the ball (U10 activity)


Receive, control and stop the ball


“Call for the ball” • “Keep your eyes on the ball” • “Use part of your body or the inside of the foot to cushion and stop the ball”

Split your squad into threes. Stand each group of three in a triangle about 3 yards apart and give one player a ball.

This is all about passing from the hands so the next player can use part of their body (chest, thigh or inside of the foot) to control the ball.

The player receiving the ball must cushion it with his chest or thigh so it lands at his feet, and control it before picking it up and throwing to the player on his left.

Players throw the ball to the left at first to get them used to receiving it from that side. After three rounds change the direction of flow.

Each player must show good control in each aspect of the practice. Don’t allow players to throw too high or too hard.

How many players do I need?

Players work in threes.

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