Recover to a defensive position (U10-14 game)


Recover to a defensive position


“Try to get back behind the ball” • “Get back to where you should be” • “React quickly” • “Can you delay the play?”

Set up a 15 x 10 yards area with a goal at one end. At the opposite end, put two attackers and six recovering defenders. Put a third attacker and a defender in front of the goal. Number the recovering defenders 1 to 6.

When you say “go”, the attackers must try to link up and score against the one defender and selected recovering defenders – you release the defenders by calling out their numbers.

The releasing of the defenders is key to the success of the game – the quicker you release them the sooner they can get back. It is like a counter-attack where the team has lost the ball and must get back quickly.

The defenders must look at where the danger is coming from and look to get into positions to help defend those areas.

Remember to coach the defenders, not the attackers – the attackers have an initial overload so it’s a good exercise to let them play it how they want.

How many players do I need?

We used 11 players in this game.

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