Recover to a defensive position (U10 activity)


Recover to a defensive position


“Try to get back behind the ball” • “Don’t stop running” • “Know where the ball is” • “Block shots if you can”

Set up a 20 x 15 yards area with goals at each end and a cone gate on each side on the half way line. Divide your players into two teams of four (three outfield players and a keeper).

Give each of outfield players a number from 1 to 6. When you call a number, that player must run through the nearest of the two gates, around half the pitch and back in through the other gate.

The defender must try and recover before the opposition can take advantage of having a player more.

You can call two numbers from the same team to make it harder for the defenders. This is a good workout but players must work hard to get back in time to save their team.

When the players are sprinting around the pitch they should watching where the ball is and which team has possession so that they can recover to the correct position as soon as they re-enter the area.

How many players do I need?

This is a 4v4 game so you need eight players

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