Recover to a defensive position (U14 game)


Recover to a defensive position


“Try to get back behind the ball” • “Don’t stop running” • “Know where the ball is” • “Block shots if you can”

The session starts with a onetouch warm-up in a 7 x 7 yards area with the blue players trying to win the ball from the whites.

In the second part of the session increase the area to 7 x 14 yards and players are split so there are two teams of four players plus two floaters. Play a 5v2 overload in one half and the other three players are in the other half. The floaters play for the team in possession they do not press or help in defence.

Now if the blues win the ball they take it into the other half and the two blues who have won possession must recover and support quickly. Two white players follow to try and win it back.

Try to play onetouch for the games but if players find it too difficult you can play two-touch or remove the touch rule altogether.

How many players do I need?

10 players are needed for this game.

Game play

Quick passing with good first touch.
Blocking passing lanes.
React quickly to transitions.

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