Retreat to a defensive position when your side loses the ball (U8 game)


Retreat to a defensive position when your side loses the ball


“Get between the ball and your own goal” • “Don’t stand near other defenders”

Set up a 10 x 10 yards area with a goal and a goalkeeper at one end. Put two attackers and three retreating defenders at the opposite end.

Set your players up so you have the three defenders on the line and the two attackers 2 yards in front of them.

When you’re ready, roll a ball in to the attackers. They must run up the pitch passing to each other as they go. At the same time, the defenders must sprint up the pitch and position themselves between the attackers and the goal.

The attackers must try to score a goal, while the defenders attempt to get the ball away. The attackers should be slower because they have to pass the ball, which will give the defenders a chance to get back.

Run through the game three times then switch a couple of the defenders with the attackers so everyone has a go at getting back.

How many players do I need?

We used six players in the game with two attackers, three retreating defenders and a goalkeeper.

Game play

Don’t let the defenders to give up.
Watch for reaction to rebounds.
Praise determined recovery moves.

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