Run with the ball and pass at speed (U11-13 activity)


Run with the ball and pass at speed


“Look at the ball for coordination” • “Look up often when dribbling” • “Speed up to beat your opponents”

In an 8 x 10 yards area set up the cones as in the diagram, creating two zones. One zone is 6 x 5 yards the other is 8 x 5 yards including a 2-yard zone at the end.

Arrange your players in two lines as shown (we’ve used eight players in this session but you can adjust to suit the number of players available).

The aim for the players is to run with the ball to the end of their zone, turn, then dribble back again.

When you say “go”, the players in the shorter zone only have to get to the 6-yard cones, then turn and go back. The team that has the no touch zone must pass the ball across the zone before touching it again, both on the way out and the way back.

Teams have one ball each and must race against each other in a relay to see who can get all of their players back to base first.

The pressure on the players comes from racing against each other and makes the skill harder. Make sure players observe the “no touch” zone.

How many players do I need?

We used eight players but you can use as many as you need in this activity.

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