Run with the ball and pass at speed (U11 game)


Run with the ball and pass at speed


“Look at the ball for coordination” • “Look up often when dribbling” • “Speed up to beat your opponents”

Set up a 20 x 20 yards square. Stand two small goals 10 yards away to the left and 10 yards to the right or use training poles to represent the goals. Play with two teams of three players starting in the square.

One team (here it’s the whites) starts out with the ball and has to play keep-ball for as long as possible.

The aim of the game is to replicate what happens when players win the ball off the opposition in midfield. They must pass it quickly and be able to dribble at speed towards the opposition goal to take advantage of the turnover.

If a red player wins the ball, he tries to dribble through one of the small goals at top speed. One player from the white team is allowed to move out of the square to try to tackle him.

When a team scores, the other team restarts with the ball. Set a time limit and see which team can score most goals.

How many players do I need?

We used six players.

Game play

Look for speed of combination play.
Players need to show determined dribbling to get the ball to the goal.
Defending team must press and jockey with match-like intensity.

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