Score a goal (U10 activity)


Score a goal


“Shoot before the cones” • “Aim for the corners” • “Fool the defender”

Use the penalty area of your 7v7 pitch – one player goes in goal the other three are behind cones arranged just outside the penalty area with one central, one right and left.

Place two cones to make a line across the area – the attackers must shoot before they cross the line.

Give each player a ball. The player on the first cone runs unopposed and shoots at the goal then turns to be a defender against the player on the middle cone.

The player on the third cone has a choice – he can choose one of the other players to join him in attack and go 2v1 against the remaining player.

This is an easy three choice game that you can give to your players to help them understand the choices they will face during a match. Make sure they only press each other during this activity rather than full tackling as you want to have success for the attacker.

In the 2v1 the attackers should be able to create space for a good shot at the goal – if players are having problems scoring you can move the cones back so they have a bigger area to work in.

How many players do I need?

We used four players in this activity.

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