Score a goal (U10 game)


Score a goal


“Shoot before the cones” • “Aim for the corners” • “Fool the defender”

Set up a 10 x 10 yards area with goals at either end. Split your players into four pairs – two pairs in a 2v2 on the pitch, one pair on the outside of the pitch as wingers and one pair in goal.

The pairs playing 2v2 can use the players on the wings – if a pair scores with a pass from one of the wingers, the wingers get an extra point.

This is all about creating goals by using the outside players to make a 4v2 in attack, which should give plenty of goal scoring chances.

Goals scored from a cross by the pair on the outside reflect the chances they will create in matches. Remind the players to use good technique to pass, cross the ball and to shoot at the goal.

Play for four periods of 2 minutes with each pair having equal playing time in the 2v2s. There should be a lot of goal scoring action in this game – if not, make the area bigger so that there is more space for the 2v2.

How many players do I need?

This uses eight players split into four pairs.

Game play

Passing and link up play using the wide players.
Score from different angles from crosses and through balls.
Lots of touches for all players in this game.

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