Score a goal (U11 activity)


Score a goal


“Play a crisp one-two” • “Good first touch” • “Try to go one-touch” • “Turn, dribble and shoot!”

Use the final third of your 9v9 pitch setting up a triangle of players – two servers and a target player – just outside the penalty area with a cone or mannequin representing a defender behind the target player.

The activity starts with a crisp one-two between the two servers using good passing technique.

A first time pass is played to the target player who turns the defender (mannequin), dribbles towards goal and takes a shot.

The shot should be hit across the goalkeeper towards the corner of the goal – the target players should try to go both ways around the mannequin to practise attacking from both sides of the area.

You can run this activity as onetouch but you will have to work your players up to that standard as it is quite hard for Under 11s to pass one-touch at speed.

How many players do I need?

You need four players for this activity.

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