Score a goal (U12 game)


Score a goal


“Shoot towards the corners” • “Good first touch” • “Look where you are shooting” • “Move to receive the pass”

In a third of a pitch, set up a goal and goalkeeper. Place a target player on the edge of the penalty area, with others lined up further down the pitch to the left, and another in a similar position to the right.

The first player in line passes into the target player and then runs into the penalty area. The target player controls the ball then makes a well-weighted pass into the path of the running player who shoots first time.

In the second part of the game the target player gets a ball from the player on the other side. The first player reacts after shooting to defend against the target player.

The players must battle out a 1v1 to see who can win out – look for good technique here.

Pressure is on the individuals to make the most of attacking and defending responsibilities.

How many players do I need?

We used six players in this game.

Game play

Control is vital to getting a good shot on goal.
Good first touch.
Accurate shooting into the goals.

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