Score a goal (U13 activity)


Score a goal


“Accuracy is important” • “Good first touch” • “Look where you are passing” • “Move to receive the pass”

Set up in your usual penalty area. You need a goalkeeper, two servers and plenty of balls for this session. You also need quite a few players lined up to make it a worthwhile competition.

The first player takes a penalty then runs to the post and touches it before turning to run back to the penalty spot.

A server times a pass into the penalty area for the returning player to run on to and shoot on the turn.

After the second shot is taken, the second server lobs the ball up and the running player must direct a simple header at the goal to try to catch the keeper out.

The goalkeeper cannot move off his line for the penalty and must stay in the 6-yard box for the other two chances.

At first, players must score with one of the chances, then after round one make it two – and as players are knocked out, make it all three chances.

How many players do I need?

Players work as individuals, but the more you have, the more interesting the competition will be.

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