Score a goal (U14 game)


Score a goal


“Hit the target” • “Good first touch” • “Look up before you shoot” • “Understand where to move”

Create a 30 x 20 yards area– you’ll need two goals, two goalkeepers, a striker and four servers – one on each corner of the area. Number the servers 1 to 4, anti-clockwise as shown. Place a cone in the centre – this is the starting point.

Server 1 plays the ball into the centre where the striker controls with his first touch then shoots with his second.

The striker then turns and moves quickly to a pass from server 3 on the opposite side of the area and repeats the task.

He then returns to the centre for a pass from server 2, but this time the striker must dribble and go 1v1 with the goalkeeper. He then quickly turns for a pass from server 1, controls and shoots.

In the final test the striker must shoot first time from passes by servers 3 and 4 – no controlling touch allowed.

Remember to rotate your players regularly so that everyone gets a chance to hone their striking skills.

How many players do I need?

We used seven players in this game.

Game play

Good first touch.
Accurate shooting.
Quick movement.

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