Score a goal (U8 game)


Score a goal


“Look up to see the goal” • “Look at the position of the goalkeeper” • “Kick the ball into the goal away from the goalkeeper”

Use the penalty area of your usual pitch. Put a cone to each side of the goal about 5 yards from the goal line. You need a server on each side of the area and a goalkeeper.

Line players up outside the area opposite the cones. When you say “go”, the players take turns to run in to the cone where they receive the ball from the server. They must control the ball and shoot at goal.

eceiving the ball from the side is something that needs a lot of practice. Don’t be surprised if your players “air kick” and miss the ball completely. The aim is to eventually get the players to shoot first time in this area of the pitch but allow a controlling touch to help them with their aim.

Get your players taking shots from both sides with both feet. It is a good idea to get them kicking the ball with both feet at this early age. You can call out to the players to get them to use the foot nearest the ball each time.

How many players do I need?

We worked with eight players and a goalkeeper but this can be played with any number of players.

Game play

Receiving the ball to shoot is a difficult technique.
Accurate shots better than power.
Shooting technique vital to success.

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