Score a goal (U9 game)


Score a goal


“The offside line is through the centre of the ball across the pitch” • “Defenders must go back behind the offside line when a player is tagged”

Set up in front of your 7v7 goal – you need a gate at each side on the goal line and a 2 x 2 yards cone square 6 yards from goal.

Put a player in the cone square and a player each side of the goal serving balls from the two gates. I used a goalkeeper for this game, but you don’t have to, especially if the attacker is finding it difficult to get shots on target.

The player in the square must react to the balls played in from the goal line with a two-touch finish from the pass – the first touch to control the ball and the second to shoot at goal.

The serving players should try to vary the angle of the passes into the square, to test the first touch of the shooting player.

Each player should be given six passes into the square – three from either side – after six passes switch the players around.

How many players do I need?

You need four players for this game.

Game play

Shoot every time.
First touch important to set up the shot.
Try to hit the corners of the goal.

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