Stop the striker 1v1 (U11-12 game)


Stop the striker 1v1


“Come off your line” • “Race back to your line” • “Turn and face the attacker” • “Speed is the goalkeeper’s friend and the attacker’s enemy”

Use the penalty area of your pitch. You need a striker and a goalkeeper.

The striker has seven balls to go 1v1 with the goalkeeper – the ball is in play when the striker gets into the penalty area.

The goalkeeper must come off his line and try to smother the ball before the striker can take a shot.

Once one ball goes dead, the striker runs to get the next ball and the goalkeeper has to run and touch the goal line in his goal before facing the next attack.

If you have two keepers, remove the net and run back-to-back sessions.

How many players do I need?

Players work in pairs.

Game play

Quick reactions.
Good positioning.
Determination to get the ball.

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