Stopping the ball (U7-U8 activity)


Stopping the ball


“Use any part of your body to block the ball” • “Hands and feet are best” • “Stop the ball from going into the goal”

Set up the activity in front of a goal. Put coloured cones to the left and right of the goalkeeper about 2 yards away. Position a player in front of goal with a number of balls.

When you say “go”, the player passes the ball to the goalkeeper who saves – you then call the colour of a cone, which the keeper must run to and then back to save the next ball.

Keepers must bend down to touch the cone and return quickly. Make sure they are touching the cone with their hands.

At this age goalkeepers can be quite awkward in their movements so don’t be too critical of the speed they go at. Try gentle persuasion to get them to move at match speed.

Keep calling out the colours until all the balls have been used.

This is a great agility and coordination warm up for players this age, so all your team can do this if you set them up in pairs to practise.

How many players do I need?

All your players can have a go.

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