Stopping the ball (U7-U8 game)


Stopping the ball


“Use any part of your body to block the ball” • “Hands and feet are best” • “Stop the ball from going into the goal”

Set up the activity in front of a goal. You need four cones spread about 2 yards apart, placed 5 yards in front of the goal.

A player stands on each cone with a ball and in turn they each take a shot at goal.

In this game you want the goalkeeper to get confidence in blocking the ball. The players should be kicking with accuracy. You can move the players nearer or further away depending on how your goalkeeper reacts.

You want your goalkeeper to be confident enough to get some part of his body in the way of the ball. At first it will probably be the feet, but encourage him to catch the ball if it’s in the air or bend down to stop the ball with the hands if it’s on the floor.

Rotate the players so that they all take a turn in goal.

How many players do I need?

You need five players for this game.

Game play

Stopping the ball is the key message.
Don’t criticise for any poor blocking.
Praise players for good attempts to stop the ball.

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