Survive the chaos (U13-14 activity)


Survive the chaos


“Be aware” • “Keep your eyes on the ball” • “React quickly to the second shot” • “Be on the balls of your feet ready to react”

Set the two goals up at an angle with a goalkeeper in each goal. Place three cones in between the goals – one just behind the goals, one 5 yards in front of that cone and one 15 yards further in front.

Player B passes a ball to player A who fires it back to B so he can shoot at the two goals. The direction of A’s pass will determine which goal B shoots at, so make sure A is passing so that B can take shots at either goalkeeper.

The keepers must read the position of the ball and react quickly. As soon as that shot has been fired, player C moves the ball to one side or the other and takes a long shot.

You can experiment with how far away you want C to stand so the shots are of good power and accuracy.

Make sure C is shooting at both goals in turn – B can deflect C’s shot at the goal to add difficulty.

How many players do I need?

We used five players – three working players and two goalkeepers.

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