How to score more goals from set pieces

In this new free coaching ebook you’ll discover proven drills for free kicks, corner kicks and throw-ins to help your team:

Up to now you’ve probably not been spending enough time working on set pieces with your team.

In fact, many coaches don’t spend any time working with their players on routines to help them score more from set plays.

Come match day your team just pumps the ball into the box – more often than not getting cleared or hit straight out of play.

It’s time to sort your set pieces out and get your team converting more of these prime scoring opportunities into goals!

My new free ebook How to Score More Goals from Set Pieces is the first step in turning your team into set piece specialists.

Inside you’ll find five simple set pieces to add to your playbook – whether you need a corner kick, free kick or throw-in, you’ll be covered.

It’s so easy to follow that you can print it out and give copies to your players and just let them get on with it. You don’t need to be involved at all!

If your players normally turn up to training or matches and start thumping the ball at goal, maybe they could spend that time working on something a little more constructive – and no less fun – like your free kick routines. Just a few minutes each session is all you need.

The five routines in How to Score More Goals from Set Pieces are:

Red Herring

This free kick works well with youth players because it doesn’t need huge amounts of accuracy; but it does need players to be alert and to follow up the initial kick in the penalty area.

Play this one in or around the D of the penalty area. It needs to be central to get the disguise needed to catch the opposition unaware.


One of the easiest free kicks to trick opponents – just make sure that when the players over the ball decide to use it, the player who is trailing behind knows when and where to make their run.

This routine needs the free-kick taker to make a clever pass into the space that the trailer is going to attack. The kick can be worked either side of the pitch, it just needs a smart player who can time their run and hit an accurate shot from a moving ball that’s coming across them.

Nutty professor

This free kick works well from 20-25 yards out. It shouldn’t be too central because you need an angle to create the space for your striker to shoot.

The whole sequence needs to be played in one fluid motion because any faltering will let the opposition get on top of you.

You can work the play from either side of the penalty area. Just be sure that your striker is comfortable hitting a ball that is coming across him at pace. You might need to try one striker when the ball comes from the left and another when it comes from the right.

Pinball wizard

This corner kick routine can also be used for free-kicks in a wide position.

It’s not a play that’s guaranteed to results in a shot, but because of the confusion caused in the opposition’s area, a scoring opportunity will often arise.

The key is that the forward movement of players 2 and 4 will initially drag the defenders towards them, then their quick turn into the box will mean the power drive should cause mayhem in the defence.

Back to the future

I saw this final-third throw-in used by Manchester United in a premier league game. Ryan Giggs and Patrice Evra combined in this unusual manner against Manchester City to catch the defence out and create a crossing opportunity.

Download this set piece playbook for free

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