Fun Soccer Games Drills

This selection of fun soccer drills and games will ensure that your players are not only improving their skills, but enjoying their training at the same time. It is vital that when players are young, they engage in training sessions that keep their minds stimulated and their motivation high. Avoid drills that are too repetitive. These fun soccer drills will help keep spirits high at your training sessions.



    • Have fun with heading soccer drills – Players shouldn’t be scared of heading a soccer ball. Use these tips and soccer drills to get them used to doing it and build up their confidence so they can do it in matches.


    • Fun game to teach soccer moms and dads how to help – If you want success as a coach you have to make sure all the elements of your team go together and parents are a very important part of this success. They have the ability to make or break your season. You not only need them on your side, you need them to support and help your players at the side of the pitch.


    • Keepy uppies warm up drill – Start your soccer coaching sessions with a 10-minute keepy-uppies drill – its a really fun way to get ball and body in tune with each other.



    • Play tag to give players a fun soccer warm up drill – Simple warm-up drills often work best with young players in the U4-U7 age groups, but are also often good for older players. Use the following soccer drill, based on a tag game idea, to appeal to all age groups and to get players ready to focus on your soccer coaching session.


    • Fun, fast game to get goalies making shots – This is a good, fun game to get your goalkeeper making shots and to help him with goalkicks. It’s a fast 1v1 where each goalkeeper can score using various skills – throw, kick, drop-kick. As soon as a goalkeeper saves, he shoots back.


    • Add targets to make soccer fitness training fun for players – Fitness is fundamental to successful soccer coaching. It’s something you need to think about on a regular basis and I don’t mean simply getting your players to run around the pitch each week. First, that’s going to be boring and, second, players won’t push themselves. Instead, this soccer drill gives your players targets to create interest and fun.





    • Drill tips to make training more fun – As a soccer coach, your priority is improving individual player’s skills and the effectiveness of the team as a whole. But players, however motivated, will get bored with practising drills in the same way. Use the following soccer coaching drill tips to add a bit of variety and keep your players focused and keen.



    • Fun indoor coaching game – When you are coaching your young soccer (football) players, there are often times when the players start to lose concentration and the session becomes a bit ragged or unfocused. Use this fun game to get players back on track. It’s a good exercise to use when weather conditions mean indoor play is necessary.








    • Fun game to get players improving basic defending soccer skills – This is a very simple soccer game to set up, but it forces the players to display clever movement as they have to protect their own ball at the same time as trying to remove their opponents’ balls from the game. This game is also a good practice exercise to use for an indoor training session.



    • Fun finishing soccer drill – You can bet your life that if you spend most of your soccer coaching session working on scoring with the feet, the best chance on match day will be with your attacker’s head, and they’ll try to kick it!



    • Soccer coaching game for accurate shooting – How often do you watch your striker reach great attacking positions only to then delay his shot, offering enough time for defenders to get back and put in a tackle? It’s a frustrating part of the game and something that’s certainly not exclusive to youth football!



    • Soccer movement drills – To improve your players’ movement on the pitch try this drill by Dave Clarke, and warm-up by Michael Beale.


    • Fun soccer training games – “Jailbreak!” is a fun game to get players keeping the ball when under pressure.  “Think attack, think advantage, think win” is a game to get your players thinking quickly. By Dave Clarke.


    • Cops and robbers game – You can use this game to teach young players the basics of attacking and defending in a fun game. Awareness of where players are and the ability to control, pass and stop the ball can all be coached.


    • Speedy 2v1s – In every match, and in every area of the pitch, overload situations make a telling contribution, particularly if combined with speed and good close control.


    • Robocops – In this game, players move at walking pace like the character from the film Robocop – but with a ball. The main objectives are to improve communication, co-ordination and getting a feel for distances.


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