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Time to build your squad

in Email newsletters, Pre-season

With the move back to contact in my area of the world it is now a great time to run trials to build your squad for next season. It is not something I have given time to yet because trials when play is non-contact is not ideal. A player might be brilliant with individual skills but put them in a match situation and they will show a different side – and that includes player attitudes. MORE

Get better at crossing the ball

in Crossing, Email newsletters

Watching the matches taking place behind closed doors I get the impression that the players are more motivated to use their skills – one of the most common ones is when teams counter attack and players cross the ball when they are moving at speed. to judge when running at speed. MORE

Warm Ups feature

How are you starting your coaching sessions?

in Email newsletters, Warm Ups

I cannot second guess when we will all be out of this strange way of coaching with no opposed sessions but hopefully it will be fairly soon. To that end I continually remind myself that I will be going back to getting my players warmed up in a different way to how I am doing it at the moment. MORE

Coaching your goalkeeper

in Email newsletters, Goalkeeping

At the younger age groups I have always found it a difficult job filling the position of goalkeeper. I've done various things, put my own son in goal, had two goalkeepers so one half they play outfield the other in goal but were never subbed – it helped but didn't totally solve the problem. So what do you do? MORE

The best defensive tactic

in Defending, Email newsletters

One of the most important topics in defensive play is compactness. A key principle of compactness is that the playing area of the opposition is minimised so there is less space for them to attack in. Give your players a lesson in compactness MORE

Return to play: I’m back!

in Email newsletters, Return to play

I went back to coaching last week, although it was a strange form of coaching! It does take time to sort out the players, but having created 'safe' areas 2m apart where the players could put drinks, sanitiser and their bags so they could safely have a drink during training it made it an easier practice. MORE

Return to play: Small groups

in Email newsletters, Return to play

Tonight I'm back with my Under 10s to get training back on track with some social distancing sessions. My head is full of car park instructions, drop offs, pick ups, sanitisers and 2 metre distances! But it will be great to see all the players again. My plans will be simple sessions for the small groups I am coaching MORE

Prepare for a return to play

in Email newsletters, Return to play

It's a mixture of excitement and a tinged of nervousness as I look forward to a return to play this time next week. The rules that have been brought in with 5 players and a social distancing gap of 2m between players is getting my brain in gear for ideas of what to do... but will it work! Read on... MORE

Who pulls the strings?

in Email newsletters, Midfield

When you construct your team often the missing player is the midfielder orchestrator; the one player who pulls the strings, who has great vision, who works between the lines and who can unlock the most stubborn of defences. MORE

Score goals from every position

in Email newsletters, Shooting

During the pandemic break I've been watching a lot of replays of games, finals, tournaments and what is clear to me is that the scorers of important goals are not always strikers. The goals in these games come from all over the pitch – apart from the goalkeeper! MORE

Late runs into the box

in Email newsletters, Tactics

Getting players to time their runs into the penalty area should be a key part of your attacking strategy when you are working with your team. If you are planning what you are going to do when you get back on the training pitch this should be in your plans. It catches opponents out –... MORE

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