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Tactics to survive late goals

in Email newsletters, Tactics

Why is it that when your team has been cruising all game the last 10 minutes sees them lose shape, control and late goals? You can often be just a goal up and disaster strikes just when the final whistle is in sight. Pressure brings its own problems but there are things you can do to stop those late goals going in. MORE

Score from set pieces

in Email newsletters, Set pieces

There are a lot of set pieces in a match no matter what level or age you are playing at. So you should make sure you practice at training and get your players to set up and take the important set pieces that could be the difference between success and failure. MORE

Harry Winks

How to create more goals

in Attacking, Email newsletters, Psychology

One of my players loves to score goals... in fact last season when he didn't score he often cried. I've worked with him all last season and at the start of this to make him realise that setting up a goal is just as good as scoring. I'm battling the professional game here because they hold up goalscorers above anyone else but I am also helped by an unusual influence! MORE

Net busters

in Email newsletters, Shooting

How many times do you see great moves that demand a goal but end up going lamely out of play because no one finished off the move? How frustrating is that!  A lot of effort on the training ground and by the players on match days goes into building an attack that creates a goal scoring chance... that is why it must be finished off. MORE

How to get players communicating

in Email newsletters, Tactics

Jose Mourinho the Tottenham Hotspur manager says communication is not only difficult at youth level it's difficult at the top level as well. He said: “Sometimes people say the team has no leaders, it’s this, it’s that, but what we need is everybody with the same kind of mentality." How do you get players talking? MORE

Working with Rondos

in Email newsletters, Rondos

I was asked by a coach this week about what a good warm up was for his U10 team. The answer that I gave him was to use Rondos. You can use them at any age group and they really work well to warm up players for training or matches and they don't involve much setting up. My favourites are the simple ones like 5v2 or a combination that works for your age group. MORE

Parents and players… a heady mix

in Email newsletters, Tips and advice

When parents and players cause problems it can sometimes be a daunting task dealing with them. Parents especially can be a demotivating experience for many coaches and often causes a lot of anxiety when they are faced with a parent that does not agree with your outlook on the game, where you played their child or the tactics that you use. MORE


in Email newsletters, Pre-season

Wow that has been some off season this year with the pandemic and all the changes that have had to happen to get coaching soccer back on track. Getting the team back together can be a tricky business at the best of times so you can make use of Soccer Coach Weekly's Pre-season Guide to help you get the team ready for the first matches of the season. MORE

Pre-season with your goalkeeper

in Email newsletters, Goalkeeping

I've made it my target as soon as we got back to training to get hold of a keeper... and I have found a great one. It can easily be overlooked when you are the manager of the team unless you have a plan worked out for pre-season that includes your goalkeeper. MORE

Develop a style of play

in Email newsletters, Tips and advice

Pre-season and the weeks leading up to the start of the new season are the right time to start thinking about how the team will play - do you have new players to bed into the team or do you have positions that need one of your players to step up and fill? You need to get to know any new player in your team and think about how you rotate players in positions and accelerate their match development. MORE

Defending for all age groups

in Defending, Email newsletters

When I have been working with different age groups over the coronavirus-extended summer break I often use the same coaching activity. Sometimes it takes a simple tweak – size of pitch, number of touches, overloads – to make the session suitable for that age group. MORE

Pre-season: fit to play

in Email newsletters, Fitness and Diet

It's been a long lay-off for some of us and getting back into shape for the season ahead is an important part of coaching preparation. And not just for you the coach. This week I have been coaching at clinics for teams to get them back into playing contact games before they go to play friendly matches. MORE

Time to build your squad

in Email newsletters, Pre-season

With the move back to contact in my area of the world it is now a great time to run trials to build your squad for next season. It is not something I have given time to yet because trials when play is non-contact is not ideal. A player might be brilliant with individual skills but put them in a match situation and they will show a different side – and that includes player attitudes. MORE

Get better at crossing the ball

in Crossing, Email newsletters

Watching the matches taking place behind closed doors I get the impression that the players are more motivated to use their skills – one of the most common ones is when teams counter attack and players cross the ball when they are moving at speed. to judge when running at speed. MORE

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