5 ways to shoot at goal

These are five of my go to sessions when I want to coach shooting or to give my players a good workout using both feet to put the ball in the net… it’s also the thing they love to do at training better than anything.


Accuracy is more important than power. If your players are not getting shots on target, they will not score. Great fun for the players trying to knock the balls off cones – you may need a helper to gather balls with this one!

2. Long distance

This session gives players the confidence to shoot from outside the penalty area when the opportunity arises. Often young players will want to get closer to goal before they take a shot but that gives defenders time to get across and cover.

3. One touch/two touch

Sometimes players get a quick opportunity to score a goal when the ball is passed to them and a one touch shot can be the ideal way to catch a keeper off guard.

4. Use both feet

Even at the top level, strikers can often be seen wasting presentable chances because they lack the confidence to shoot with their weaker foot. If practised enough times your players will start to have more confidence on their weaker foot.

5. From a cross

This drill will teach your players to attack the ball when trying to connect with a cross into the area. Often a shot from the cross will come back off the keeper or a defender and players must be ready to score from the rebound.

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