A different kind of coach education

As a difficult year of coaching comes to a close we can all look ahead with hope that the vaccines that have been developed to control Covid-19 begin to work and the world of coaching looks a bit more normal.

It has been a year of educating myself during the various stages of lockdown my club has been through and helping develop my players through Zoom meetings and giving them something to do in the back yard!

I launched my podcast this time last year, totally oblivious to the problems that were developing in the world. But as ever there is no difference to how I feel about coaching and once again by the time it gets to New Year’s Day I find I’m itching to get back out on the pitch! So I read books, listen to some podcasts and generally boost my coaching knowledge sitting in the house.

It all started through a podcast with Gordon MacLelland CEO of Working With Parents in Sport and developed from there at the United Soccer Coaches convention in Baltimore and onwards through the year.

In Getting Parents Onside Gordon talks about

Gordon talks about how to deal with the difficulties that parents and coaches face in today’s world including:

  • The ‘did you win?’ question
  • Creating a positive culture
  • Meeting the parents
  • Getting parents involved
  • The car journey

Since then I have had all sorts of different coaches and experts in their field like Dan Abrahams and Tony Mee. Also I started a look at how coaching works at a club with the head coach and the goalkeeper coaches of Leatherhead YFC giving their advice on working at a grassroots club in the Touchline Tales series.

There is much more for you to read and educate yourself during the first couple of days of the New Year in the SCW Podcast section.

Here’s to a happy, fun and successful New Year – and a coronavirus free one!

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